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3D French Property Agency is the UK website of the French company 3D Immobilier.

Our real estate agency is located in the Jura department, part of Franche-Comté, bordering Burgundy and Switzerland. Find out more about the Jura here >>

The registered office of 3D French Property is in Megeve (74120), France in the department of Haute -Savoie (74).


We are proud to present a selection of properties in or around the following towns:

Lons le Saunier (39000)

The prefecture of Jura is located in Franche -Comté, near Switzerland and equidistant from Besançon, Dijon, Bourg-en-Bresse and Geneva. A39 motorway makes it possible to join Dijon and Lyon in between an hour and an hour and a half. The region boasts the renowned wine-making towns of Arbois , Chateau-Chalon and Etoile, which attract tourists and wine lovers alike. Skiing, with the nearby resort of Les Rousses is also a major asset in the region, the capital of which is Lons le Saunier. The lakes of Chalain, Clairvaux and Vouglans also attract many tourists during the summer season.

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Bletterans (39140)

Ideally located in the heart of the Jura Bresse and Burgundy nearby, Bletterans is 10 minutes from Lons le Saunier and 30 minutes from Louhans. Now served by the A39 motorway, it is 1h30 from Lyon and 3 hours from Paris. Bletterans has a highly developed and dynamic business community. It is a region of traditions and flavors (including the famous Bresse chicken), and boasts typical architecture with its half-timbered ‘bressane’ farmhouses.

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Dole (39100)

City of art and history and the birthplace of Pasteur, Dole is located on the Doubs River halfway between Dijon and Besancon. Access is easy with the A39 and A36 motorways and railway station which serves the/Geneva and Dijon TGV Paris/Strasbourg routes. The sub-prefecture of Jura inspires tranquility, with its river port and canals. Its airport serves the UK via Ryanair.

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Chaussin (39120)

Chaussin is 12 km from Tavaux/Dole airport. This city has now emerged as the town center of the town of Jurassian plain and brings together twenty-one villages.

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Poligny (39800)

Surrounded by cliffs and forests Poligny is located on the main road between Lyon and Strasbourg, Paris and Geneva on the other. World capital of the comte cheese (even exported to the United States ), this city is one of the most beautiful green resorts in the Jura. It is 7 km from the A39 and 15 km from the TGV train station. It also hosts the National School of Dairy Industries (ENILBIO).

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Clairvaux -les-Lacs (39130)

On the route to Geneva, Clairvaux-les-Lacs is located on the first Jura plateau. The lakes of the region are equipped for bathing (such as Clairvaux and Chalain) and others offer a wild paradise for fishermen. At the heart of this unspoilt nature, one can experience the pleasures of hiking, cycling or horse riding. It’s facilities and diversity of activities, the wealth of services and quality of life and environment make this city an ideal destination to live year-round or for a few weeks holiday.

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Louhans (71500)

Capital of the Burgundian Bresse, Louhans is located 25 km from Lons -le- Saunier and 40 km from Chalon sur Saône (71100). Louhans is a thriving commercial town with a strong gastronomic culture which includes Bresse chicken. Its many lakes and rivers attract anglers and walkers. At the heart of the ‘Bresse Louhannaise’ are Saint Germain du Bois (71330) and Beaurepaire-en-Bresse (71580), two cities that contribute to the development of Louhans.

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