100How to sell your property in France

Firstly, it is important to remember that with property transactions in France, French law applies.

You must initially determine the selling price of your property. To do this, you either have a clear idea of ​​its market value , or you can use a professional estate agent.

The advantage of using estate agents is that they will estimate the value of your property at the right price in relation to the market and you will maximize your potential for a quick sale at the best price.

3D Real Estate agency can make an estimate of your property for free.

You must then find as many potential buyers as possible.

The Internet is now an essential tool to promote national and international sale of your property. 3D Real Estate Agency is an agency that works only on the internet and through its concept of a virtual tour, can greatly help you find a French or foreign buyer .

In our business, buyers are mainly from Switzerland or are Dutch, Belgian and English.

With our agency, we will manage the organisation of visits , compromise and all the administrative part relating to the sale of your property . In addition we provide professional guarantees for the security of your transaction.

With us the language barrier will not be a problem.

If you have a property for sale, our team is at your disposal to advise you and to develop a communication strategy with optimum marketing opportunities to sell your property.

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Why choose 3D French Property?

3D Real estate offers more coverage than the traditional estagent’s shop window. Our showcase is the internet and is accessible 24/24.

With our local estate agents , sellers and buyers are 100% satisfied .

With 3D there is no competition between agents, we prefer to optimize our business in accordance with our customers’ wishes.

Our business

  • Quick sale for you at the best price
  • Implementation of the marketing and advertising strategy of your property
  • Targeting your potential buyers ( not visiting pleasure)

Our services to sellers

  • Realistic and free valuation of your property through our local market expertise
  • 3D supports all administrative procedures  with your solicitor
  • Support during the signing of the deed
  • We provide professional guarantees for the security of your transaction
  • Visit report

Implementation of a communication strategy and marketing service for your property

  • 360 ° virtual tour and detailed plan of your property.
  • Your property is valued and it appears above the lot .
  • Wide distribution on many websites .
  • Purchasers are better targeted and this generates qualified visits.

Agency Fee Schedule

As of April 1, 2017, our agency’s fee schedule for transactions is:

For houses, apartments, buildings and businesses, our fees are 4% including tax with a minimum of 6000 € TTC.

For land, right to lease or goodwill our fees are 10% with a minimum of 4000 € TTC.

These fees shall be borne by the seller. They include the services of visiting, negotiating, setting up the sales file and possibly carrying out the virtual visit.

As of April 1, 2017, the tariff schedule for leases for the constitution of the file, visits, drafting of the contract and the inventory of entry is:

2 months rent (excluding charges) without exceeding the fees defined by decree n ° 2014-890 of 1 August 2014 relating to the ceiling of the fees attributable to the tenants.

These fees are due in half by the tenant and the other half by the owner of the property.